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TRAVEL is a vital element in on-site training.
The guiding principle is to meet the key people, those people who are involved in local life and are able to provide an accurate and elegant picture of their reality.
Meetings with counterparts provide the opportunity to enhance knowledge significantly. They also encourage friendship and encourage good relationships within the same profession.
archi:travel is a travel agency which specialises in organising trips and study missions that are perfectly adapted to suit architects and people involved in construction and lifestyle management.
We also offer architecture and design colleges low cost study trips because today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals!
Our experience in the architecture field enables us to establish
high quality technical tour programmes and keep in touch with local actors
in the countries we visit: elected representatives, entrepreneurs,
architects and residents’ committees, with whom we have maintained serious professional links over many years.

We create routes which enable different themes to be discussed:

The conservation of historical heritage, contemporary architecture, art, design, ecological and sustainable development, energy-saving, low consumption building construction, wood architecture, ecological redevelopment, urban extension, social housing, eco districts, and the discover of the creations of a master architect

All of our guides are experienced and qualified in architecture,
and are often architects, designers, town planners, urban art historians
or teachers. We offer visits on foot, by coach or public transport and our tours are designed to match your centres of interest and the theme selected. We offer a range of accommodation chosen according to location, quality of service, comfort and original concepts